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TV studio


We operate across the Arts, Culture and Entertainment sectors and have a proven track record of bringing spaces to life. 

How it Works

The TIME + SPACE operating platform leases commercial real estate assets and in doing so can provide the requisite “underwrite” to forward fund mixed-use development schemes. Besides a lease, other options we consider include a management agreement or joint venture partnerships.  


We enable mixed-use developments with a difference, by creating exceptional places and curating spaces that deliver lifestyle amenity and cultural value to enhance underlying asset value to unlock their potential. 

Using our expertise and diverse networks, we provide solutions for our clients and partners by bringing vision, leadership and experience to projects whilst collaborating with stakeholders at all levels.

What We Do

Our industry leading expertise includes operating Film + TV Studios and Post-Production facilities, Multi-use Venues including Theatres and Immersive Cinemas combined with Flexible Workspaces, Retail, Hospitality and Event spaces to provide other key amenities that are needed to create holistic campuses to drive significant value for all stakeholders.  

The TIME + SPACE team has an unrivalled and detailed understanding of how the creative industries speak to the real estate sector and vice versa.


Get In Touch

Speak with our CEO or chat with our team to see how we might be able to help your project.

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