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A property is only the starting point. A building or place, is merely a vessel, or a portal from which great things can happen.

The Challenge...

The property itself is not the catalyst for growth. The dawn of any new era is rooted in investing into the latest technological innovations and products and providing accessibility to local people with community engagement initiatives to foster collaboration from the outset.


This approach will conjure early adoptions of new workflows for emerging technologies which is a critical path to developing an ecosystem of skilled labour and technicians around the core product offering.

...and the Opportunity

TIME + SPACE places a strong emphasis on innovation and identifying new products to inform what the future creative industries skills and jobs are needed in the future. By tracking the emergence of the latest technologies, we can see the future potential of any place including employment opportunities in the local community and understanding what is needed to up-skill local workforces in ways that directly respond to the opportunities on the horizon.


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